3 Best Practices of Software Development

If you are a software developer, there are a number of rules you should follow when developing your application. Some of the rules are required for the proper functioning of the app while others are industry standards. Good developers usually follow industry standards to ensure that other developers looking at their application can understand the function of every code. This is important especially if you are developing an app using open source code or you are expected to hand over an application to a third party. Read more great facts on devops tools, click here. 
When you join a new company that has an established culture and programming practices, keeping up with the new way of doing things can be quite a challenge. You will have to learn the new programming practices while also ensuring you are following the industry's minimum quality standards. For  more useful reference regarding Release Management, have a peek here. 
Generally, programmers are opinionated, especially when they are passionate about something. However, the best practices below will appeal to all range of programmers.
i) Write for today
Avoiding writing code that you will not need today. When coding the application, think of the specific features and capabilities it is supposed to accomplish when finished. Do not code the app with imaginary future use cases in mind. Should the app have to be refined, the code will have to be rewritten and may turn out to be quite different from what you had imagined. Writing code for imaginary future use only makes your application bulky and wastes your time.
When it comes to coding, the only time it will be proper to design for future use is when dealing with APIs. However, designing APIs is different from coding the applications.
The same also applies when commenting out code. If you have commented out a block of code, then it should not be available in the final release of the application. 
ii) Know what to test
Not everything you use during coding has to be tested. For example, libraries, frameworks and infrastructure for testing should be tested. However do not test external libraries or the browsers, unless you really need to. What you should be testing is your code, not other people's code.
iii) Use helpers
When you write the same piece of code for the third time, it is time to extract it into a general-purpose helper. Helper functions do not have to be tested. However, when you break them out and reuse, you will have to test.
The above are three best practices you should follow in software development. Please view this site for further details.